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Why Continue as Blackwater Prophecy and not Syren Franco?

It must be obvious to you all that I, Syren, am the Blackwater Prophet. For the past decade I have continued to fund, and maintain this projects web prescence and music prescence. I was happy to perform with my band mates over the years, but I saw them come and go, and while I maintain my friendships with many of them, and the trouble has always been distance, especially after my move to San Diego, the name stays with me do to rights. This last line up was my last hope. I had previously claimed my bandmates saved my life. Truth be told, they did not, but they did inspire me to push on. After my falling out with one of them, Chava and I decided to continue to write music and record the songs we worked on most recently but on a casual basis. This is a good thing, however I am unsatisfied as I do not view music casually. I am older in my age, and while I may look as though I am in my early 20's I am most definitely not! 40 is not far ahead, and I am leading a life where I enjoy my days at home, with my dogs and cats, with my husband. But I have no time for casual as I have to press on and I do not have the patience to wait for anyone any longer. There are currently 37 unrecorded songs which will now need to be re-written musically and adapted. I decided to record every single song and release most under this project's name. After a decade, I feel it is severely overdue. I have been asked why I won't use my name and while my name is already a stage name, I can say this... even as a solo project, I do not want to be the star or main focus. This project isn't and has never been about me. While I must play into the demands of marketing and be the face of the project, the focus should always be the music and not me. I do not desire fame, nor admiration, but I do desire for the music put out by this project, by me, to reach people and hopefully make a difference. So I continue this path alone. There will be no shows for the time being. I am currently putting together a line up to record and perform live with. However, I have no expectations as I had in the past. I have joined another project where we will be working with big name producers, but Blackwater Prophecy will remain self produced unless I am able to achieve crowd funding to do this right. I look forward to the future regardless of the past and am exited to keep working with music in both Blackwater Prophecy, and the new project I've joined, The Crash Recovery, which is much different than BP.

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