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It is said that mankind has a choice in it's own destiny.  Humanity can choose greed and destructive thoughts and actions which will spill outward to the very world which they call home.  The byproduct of this path is one of overwhelming decay that will darken their skies with ash clouds and their water with filth.  

But the other choice humanity can make for itself is that of evolution, peace within, and passion for life.  The waters are already beginning to blacken, but humanity can change course and allow it's home to filter and heal itself from the damage already caused.

This is part of the blackwater prophecy.

In the year 2005, musicians were called together to create music that reflected humanities condition, with the purpose to sooth mankind's restlessness by acknowledging through music that stories are indeed similar and that beyond the bills, and the escape, there is substance to us all.

These musician's took the name Blackwater Prophecy and began their journey with being too soft for metal, and too heavy for hard rock.  They were scattered and overcame distance to create music together.  They evolved, said goodbye to members and welcomed new ones and Blackwater Prophecy persisted.

Since it's first spark BP has been featured on MySpace, interviewed in Warped Magazine, had it's name appear in a movie on the marquee of The Whiskey A Go Go, topped the Number1Music charts, ranked top ten in California on ReverbNation, performed on air at KCTY FM, and released two albums.

Over the years the sole survivor of this project has been Syren, the vocalist, who's pressed on for over a decade.  With the final obstacle erradicated in 2016, she has accepted her custodial responsibility of the music in the project and decided to focus on releasing 37 unrecorded songs single handedly.

With no immediate prospect of performing live as Blackwater Prophecy, the absolute priority is to spread the music to the world digitally.  With fan support and funding, Syren is currently working on making this come to fruition with the first album of this phase to be released in December.

The album in the works, "Once Upon A Dream" will feature reworkings of songs never before heard and re-recordings of old favorites as well as some surprize covers.  Keeping it's darker vibes, the music will feature both live drums and  more industrial programmed drums for certain songs.  The variation in sound from song to song will be something never before done within this band and will feature some guest artists in the recordings.


Syren Franco - The Blackwater Prophet

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