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Syren Franco: The Voice

Born in Los Angeles from music, into music, and raised by music, Syren knows no better way for expression to express emotion, expel negativity, and manifest desires.  Growing up, her mornings began with the sweet sound of her grandfather playing piano, cello, or violin.  She was taught to speak through song. Her mother taught her how to harmonize while sitting at the piano and teaching her chords, and her father taught her that a family gathering without playing guitar or singing was always one of the most joyful ways to bring closeness with loved ones.


Raised in San Diego, Syren pursued performing arts in her school years and participated in her parishes choir and youth band on Saxophone. She took up theater, and modeling, but ultimately always felt the pull to singing.

She has been invited to sing National Anthems at sporting events, has won awards and received certificates of recognition from the San Diego Association for Hispanic Artists for her singing. 

From the "Whoa, Man!" herself:

"It was the end of 2004, I was in a dark place and had realized I had neglected myself in this way... in the way that I have to sing...  I answered an ad for a North Hollywood band and drove from San Diego to Universal City Walk's Hard Rock Cafe where I met with a drummer and guitarist.  They looked at me with doubts.  They wanted to write metal, there I was in my black platform boots, and vinyl jacket with faux red leopard fur cuffs and collar.  I looked too wholesome or something - even when I wore all black.  But they had a drink with me, and I left with a demo CD of one song.  They didn't expect to hear from me again.  I drove home listing to the song on repeat and singing what I heard melody wise and lyrically.  It was so perfect, and the only thought I had, 'This is the project I have to sing in!'"


"I got home and immediately recorded what I came up with using Acid Studio or something.  I even recorded harmonies.  By midnight I pressed submit on the email and it was done. The song was Alone (In the Darkness) and it solidified my presence in what soon after became Blackwater Prophecy."

"I've been in this since the beginning but I do not consider it mine.  I consider myself to belong to the project and whoever is a part of it too.  I consider this a way of life, a family...  But I am an eccentric like that."

"Through my journey as the front woman of the project, I've faced many obstacles from line up changes, to distances between members, criticism... and yes, ridicule.  The common thing to hear in Hollywood was, 'The singer has to be hot or you will never be a successful band.'  It's sad really, you'd think talent was important.  You'd think skill would be rewarding.  But my ego is tough as nails, or perhaps non-existent.  I know my worth and my little family believes in me, that's all that matters is that we believe and trust in each other."

"When I write lyrics, I channel feelings, or draw upon deeper and higher-self emotions and perceptions which I can only venture to guess I must absorb empathically from my surroundings.  I do believe each song has its own soul."

"2014-2015 had a period of darkness and we all went through a lot, and the distance between the band members was too much.  We had trouble adjusting how to balance things and make it work.  We were, at the time, left as a trio - it was disheartening, and I nearly gave up on music entirely outside of just playing it for myself at home.  But 2016 briefly gave way to new opportunities and new directions as this trio, it was short lived, and once again I was faced with a decision to make.  I am excited to push on with my lyrics and melodies though sad to have lost my former members. I am happy to have formed the friendships I did through the project and look forward to supporting them with their musical endeavors as well.  This is a new phase for not just Blackwater Prophecy, but for myself, as now I have the opportunity to be a little more like some of my admired artists who have inspired me over the years!"

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